People in Singapore often complain about how hot and balmy the weather is year-round and it is a fact that most of us do not head out to beaches on the regular, preferring instead to hide from the sun in the shopping malls in our free time. While the beaches here are nothing to shout about, the following two islands we at are featuring below will change your mind about holidaying somewhere warm, sunny and breezy. Here are two incredible islands on the planet that we reckon everyone has to visit at some point in their life.

2 Best Islands In The World Everyone Has To Visit Someday

1. Palawan, The Philippines

When Singaporeans think of a beach holiday in the Philippines, Boracay is usually the place that comes to mind instantly. Although Boracay is amazing in its own right, Palawan deserves even more love and attention from those of us who live and breathe the sun, sand and sea. Thanks to its teeming marine life, rustic-luxe resorts, hidden lagoons, and powdery white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, Palawan has earned the top spot as best island in the world as voted by travellers all over the world.

Besides boasting diverse wildlife and species unique to the region on land, Palawan is home to underwater shipwrecks, tropical fish, delicate coral reefs, lush mountains and an incredible navigable underground river that visitors can explore by guided canoe tours. Puerto Princesa Underground River is the longest underground river in the world. At around 8 km, this incredible natural wonder flows through a subterranean limestone cave system before it eventually reaches the sea.

2. Mallorca, Spain

First things first, Spain has plenty of insanely gorgeous islands. And Mallorca is said to be a classic Mediterranean postcard in real life. Aside from the fact that Mallorca (also known as Majorca) is the Spanish royal family's preferred beach hangout destination, this utterly beautiful island is beloved by visitors from all over the world looking to dive into the laid-back groove of coastal living when summer rolls around.

Known for its stunning coast, picturesque views, beach resorts, limestone mountains, sheltered coves, along with Roman and Moorish remains, Mallorca is one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Not only will Mallorca appeal to beach loving souls, its impressive architecture and cathedrals, rich culture, divine cuisine, literature, the vibrant arts and music scene and more will charm anyone and everyone who steps foot on Mallorca. Those looking for some fun after sunset will not be disappointed either; Palma, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca, is where you can bask in happening nightlife.