Are you running out of ideas of places you could explore since you've practically been to all corners of Singapore? Singapore may be tiny and maybe you've been to all the shopping malls in every neighbourhood your mind can conjure, but perhaps you'd like to squeeze vertical farms into your calendar. If you haven't already heard, there are currently 7 licensed vertical farms in Singapore right now. Did that surprise you, urban warrior?

Here, we at highlight the 2 most interesting vertical farms that you might want to visit someday when you've got free time. Plan a family trip or go on a solo respite, whatever floats your boat!

2 Most Interesting Vertical Farms In Singapore Everyone Should Visit

1. Gills N Claws

Image source: Gills N Claws' official site

Who would have thought that mud crabs can be reared in vertical farms? Yes, you read me right. Nestled in Kranji, Gills N Claws boasts its own Mud Crab Fattening Farm. Just so you know, these crabs are fleshier as they are raised and fed here, compared to those crabs that are typically unfed when they're shipped en-route to Singapore.

According to the news report, Gills N Claws fattens Sri Lankan mud crabs before selling these fat crabs to restaurants and crab dealers. It's amazing how more crabs can be raised despite needing a smaller area compared to traditional crab farming. At times, the produce from Gills N Claws can even be less expensive than the market rate. I guess that's good news for chilli and pepper crab fans!


Shed No (24,25,26)
Lot 119
Neo Tiew Lane 1
Singapore 719098

2. Sustenir Agriculture

Image source: Sustenir Agriculture via Facebook

Grown in an indoor environment with artificial lighting and 100% organic, without ever being exposed to the outside world, you can expect the greens from Sustenir Agriculture to be pure and clean - literally without a speck of dust.

Sustenir Agriculture uses the newest in Controlled Environment Agriculture techniques to integrate the latest technologies to precisely control the plants' habitats in a bid to give the sustainable greens what they need, when they need to grow optimally whilst reducing carbon footprint altogether.

If you don't have time to pop by, you can order their leafy greens online for fresh farm-to-table deliveries right to your doorstep!


#04-04, Admirax
8 Admiralty Street
Singapore 757438

Yay To Vertical Farms

Like I've mentioned in the introductory paragraphs above, there are 7 licensed vertical farms in Singapore that are working hard to grow vegetables, fish and crabs sustainably with the help of advanced technology and lots of love and commitment.

Don't you agree that such initiatives are awesome and totally worth everyone's support, especially when they are able to make the best use of land in incredibly land-scarce Singapore.

Other vertical farms that you can check out in your free time include Packet Greens, Sky Greens (psst, they're the first vertical farm established in Singapore!), and Apollo Aquaculture Group.

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