While most people in Singapore are kiasi and kiasu, the same cannot be said for adventure seekers who are daredevils at heart. Some people go all out to do extreme things such as jumping over railings and climbing up buildings to obscene heights illegally just to take pictures and videos to show on social media.

Being brash isn't restricted to the young and naive though - here are three incredibly beautiful but dangerous places around the world that you should avoid visiting if you value your safety. We at GET.com recommend that you leave these destinations out of your travel itinerary if you were ever thinking about including them.

3 Dangerous Destinations You Shouldn't Attempt To Visit

1. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Image source: capele.com

The above image of the Pacific Ocean looks like an absolute paradise, doesn't it? Except, Bikini Atoll is not fit for all living things - yes, yourself included - to roam around. Just in case you need a little more information on why Bikini Atoll is a destination you ought to pass up, know that this place was home to a lot of nuclear testing programmes back in the days between 1946 and 1958. The radiation level at this radioactive wasteland still goes beyond safety standards close to 60 years after the United States executed their nuclear explosive tests at the Marshall Islands.

2. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Dubbed by National Geographic as the 'cruelest place on Earth', the Danakil Desert in northeast Ethiopia is rightfully a place that you'd want to avoid. After all, who genuinely feels safe dragging their feet across this Martian-like place at temperatures that average about 50°C, coupled with a plethora of active volcanoes, geysers that spill toxic gases as well as frequent earthquakes? Even if you wanted to, you cannot visit the Danakil Desert without an experienced guide.

3. Death Valley, U.S.A

As a record holder for being home to the spot with the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth (psst, it's 56.7°C by the way), Death Valley in eastern California is no joke. Its peaks are covered with snow in winter but the searing heat and blazing sun in summer will drive anyone nuts for sure. Such harsh extremities are rather tough on the average Joe.