Most Singaporeans aspire to travel as much as their legs would take them, but we all know travelling can get costly very quickly. While not everyone is lucky enough to be rolling in cash, there are ways in which we can earn money while we are travelling. How much you get to earn while travelling depends greatly on what you do, but earning some extra cash to help offset your travel expenses (or fund a future trip) is always a good idea, right? Here, we at share with you three super cool ways you can earn money while travelling. Psst, #2 on the list is an absolute game changer!

3 Cool Ways To Earn Money While Travelling

1. Make Use Of Your Luggage Space

Do you often have empty space in your luggage? Good on you if you have the habit of travelling light because you can turn your unused luggage space into cash by helping others shop.

Proxy-shopping apps such as Airfrov and Tompang are a couple established ones that you can explore and connect to shoppers who would like to shop for items from wherever you may be headed. People who get a kick out of shopping will adore this fun option for making extra money - you get to shop on behalf of others and get paid for bringing back the items back.

2. Document Your Adventures And Turn Them Into Cash

Your documented travels aren't just for inducing envy in your friends and followers on Instagram or Facebook. Travellers who enjoy documenting bits and pieces of their trips in images and footage can go one step further to try their hand at letting their trip finance itself. For those who don't already know, GoPro has this amazing platform where GoPro users can receive cash rewards in return for their photos, raw clips and video edits.

Keep in mind only GoPro's favourites in those three categories will earn cash awards. So, submit your most impressive images or footage to have a shot at earning some free money! No matter whether you are a pro, an amateur or someone in between, you stand a chance to snag a GoPro Award. Here's the GoPro Award website for your easy reference.

3. Embrace Online Work

Technology isn't all that bad even though the Internet has kinda taken over our life. Although working while you are on holiday isn't exactly the most picture perfect vacation scene you would like to conjure in your head, it is a fact that the digitization of work can let you earn money wherever in the world you may be, so long as you have your laptop and a solid internet connection.

Some lucky souls get to work remotely full-time as long as they do their job properly with pride while others may have to wind up doing freelance work if travelling the world is one of their utmost priorities in life. From writing and creating content to editing videos, programming and developing websites, there's plenty of freelance opportunities you could possibly delve into depending on where your strengths lie.