Shopping in Singapore or overseas is a lot of fun when everything works out as planned. But you've probably had your share of shopping let-downs.

Even highly skilled shopping pros come home empty handed on bad days. Or worse yet, end up buying the wrong item, or paying too much for the right one.

To help you GET more for your money, we at will share with you the 3 simple life hacks to consider if you want to elevate your shopping experience and get the best value for your money.

  1. 1. Use That Concierge Service

    Concierge service is not limited only to people staying in nice hotels. You may be surprised to know that some of the better credit cards out there offer a dedicated concierge for their cardholders as well!

    Most Singaporeans use credit cards, but many people don't know that their credit card might provide complimentary concierge services. Having a concierge service is like having a personal assistant, and this service really shines when it's shopping time.

    Just call the concierge phone number, tell the concierge what you want to buy, and ask him or her to find you a deal that fits your budget. You can even ask them to suggest ideas for gifts or shopping locations. Within minutes, the concierge will be busy making calls.

    The American Express® Platinum Credit Card and OCBC 365 Credit Card are just two of many credit cards that give you access to a concierge service.

  2. 2. Get That Refund

    There is a bit of a stigma on refunding stuff you purchase. Somehow the old time logic of once-bought-forever-bought still carries a lot of sway. But if you want to get more for your money, learning to exercise your right to return goods will save you from that yucky feeling you get when you've spent your money on the wrong thing.

    The rules are simple: If it isn't what you want, return it. If you find the same thing at a better price, return the overpriced item.

    If the store won't give you a refund, ask your bank if your credit card offers a refund guarantee.

    American Express offers guaranteed refunds on many of its credit cards, including The American Express® Rewards Card (90-day return guarantee) and The American Express® Platinum Credit Card (90-day return guarantee up to $800 refund per item). This disruptive life-hack can help you get exactly what you want, for the best available price.

  3. 3. Get Deals Wherever You Are With Just One App

    Have you ever wanted to get all your discounts and deals in one place?

    The GETdeals app is an app that makes it easy for you to find the best dining/shopping/petrol/entertainment/lifestyle deals and discounts you can get with any credit cards in Singapore.

    You can even see discounts and deals offered by PAssion Card, which is a membership card offered by the People's Association (PA).

    Said to be the godsend for credit card deals, the GETdeals app provides all credit card deals in one easy app - so the days of tinkering with 3 or 4 bank apps looking for discounts are over!

    You can find all the deals and discounts near you any time, and can even choose to see deals from the banks and categories that interest you. What's more, this app puts you in control of your shopping experience and makes it easy to share deals with friends and family.

    If you want to quickly find the best up-to-date deals on things you want right on your phone, this app for deals-loving Singaporeans is a must-have.

    The GETdeals app is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can also get it from