All Singaporeans young and old would have heard of the Great Barrier Reef even if they haven't been to the land down under. What many may not know is that there are certain parts where the coral reefs experience severe bleaching thanks to ocean acidification and rising temperatures.

And that's the same danger that coral reefs around the world face if nothing is done to alleviate the situation. Besides being pretty and colourful to look at, coral reefs play an important role in protecting coastlines and being a big part of marine ecosystems. Below, we at round up three other stunning coral reefs around the world that we all can show some TLC for before it's too late.

3 Most Beautiful Coral Reefs Around The Globe

1. Raja Ampat Islands Coral Reef, Indonesia

There are good reasons why the pristine Raja Ampat Islands are so popular amongst divers and snorkelers alike - the waters are crystal clear, full of sea creatures and colourful coral reefs brimming with life.

Unlike the orderly and structured world that we are so used to, the mix of vibrant chaos under the water surface in the Raja Ampat Islands is an absolute welcome in our books. It also doesn't hurt to know that the Raja Ampat Islands is one of the most photogenic destinations in Asia besides also being an incredible and affordable travel destination.

2. Rainbow Reef, Taveuni, Fiji

Image source: The Remote Resort

Nestled between Vanua Levu and Taveuni, Fiji's second and third biggest islands, Rainbow Reef is a stunner in its own right. It is basically a kaleidoscope of vivacious colours sitting in the translucent azure waters that happens to be home to a plethora of fish and sea creatures.

Thanks to both the soft and hard corals that make up Rainbow Reef and contribute to the explosion of marine life there, this striking part of the world is one of the planet's best diving sites. Tempted to visit Fiji already? Here are some things you ought to know before travelling to Fiji.

3. New Caledonia Barrier Reef, New Caledonia, South Pacific

Image source: Wikimedia - NASA

Have you even heard of the New Caledonia Barrier Reef before? It is the second-biggest double barrier reef on our planet and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. In addition to boasting an incredible habitat, this south pacific barrier reef that's located off the northeastern coast of Australia is a neat home to a ton of marine life that is yet to be classified as plenty of new species of invertebrates and fishes are being uncovered regularly. Just a quick note for those who are environmentally-conscious: Most of the coral reefs there are in good health, except some of the eastern reefs.