Citizens of Singapore who have toiled away under the scorching sun in the jungles and forests probably do not like the idea of being enveloped by greenery, foliage, shrubs and bugs that much. But, the same may not apply if the planet's most enigmatic forests are involved. These mysterious forests that we at have gathered for you below are not your standard tropical forests. The first one on the list is such a mystery, so much so that the majority of people don't even know its exact location!

3 Most Mysterious Forests In The World

1. Moss Swamp, Romania

Image source: Adrian Borda

Although many travellers enjoy heading to Europe for their well-deserved vacation, Romania in southeastern Europe isn't quite a common destination of choice. If you are in for some exploring (and searching), look no further because Romania and its plethora of forests and majestic mountains will be waiting for you.

The mysterious moss swamp is a must-see, of course. While we do know that this secretive forest is somewhere in Romania, the following map location provided by the photographer of the above image is the possibly the best that I could share with you.

If you've personally been there before, or if you know someone who has been to the moss swamp, feel free to share your experience with us because we'd love to know more.

Image source: Adrian Borda

2. Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Image source: Jason Law

Also known as the Kamahi Walk, New Zealand's Goblin Forest is a popular place that has enticed plenty of travellers to make a trip down to the southern hemisphere. Doesn't this forest look like it jumped straight out of a fantasy movie or fairytale?

Accessible from the Taranaki town of Stratford, many visitors head there to stroll through the enchanting Goblin Forest nestled on Mt Taranaki's subalpine slopes. Those who have walked through Goblin Forest only had great things to say about it, going so far to say that the walk was an absolutely magical one. This slightly eerie forest boasts distinctively gnarled and twisted branches and trees.

Pop by when the sun is hanging high if you're a scaredy cat like me. Expect to hang out with trailing moss and lace-esque ferns when you are there, too.

3. Crooked Forest, Poland

Image source: Core77

Sitting in West Pomerania, Poland, is the Crooked Forest that's home to a strange grove of pine trees shaped in a very peculiar way. According to information floating around on the internet, around 400 of these pine trees have grown this way, whereas the remaining pine trees in the surrounding forests are as straight and ordinary as you can imagine. This wacky cluster of crooked trees is still a huge mystery till this day because nobody really knows why they've grown to be the way they are.