Do you think you're having enough fun in highly competitive and stressful Singapore? Of course, everyone has a different idea of what fun entails; slogging away hours and hours behind my desk at work or burying myself in books to attain that 10-hour-a-day revision goal isn't my kind of fun no matter how much I enjoy learning.

Right off the bat, if you're feeling depressed or burned out, you're probably lacking a dose or two of fun in your life. Sure, we all have responsibilities to tackle but that doesn't mean we have to neglect having fun and just remain sick and tired of life the way it is. Here, we at share with you 3 important reasons why we all need to have fun in life, pronto.

3 Reasons Why It's Important To Have Fun In Life

1. Fun Is In The Equation Of Balance

Paying mundane bills, paying off loans, clearing debts and putting food on the table is important but we shouldn't neglect our well-being just because we're expected to slog it out at work and bring home the bacon.

Many people throw fun out of the equation because they think adult responsibilities trump fun, they think that they don't deserve to have fun.

Truth is, there's this forgotten thing called balance. In life, and in all that we do, there has to be balance. I believe with conviction that everyone deserves to have fun, but everyone must be willing to work for what they want to achieve.

Money surely isn't everything although we cannot undermine its importance in any way. Also, I don't reckon that it's worth it for us to go berserk and become increasingly depressed by the second because we're so deprived of having fun in the midst of chasing fame and fortune. In fact, the best things in life can't be bought by money!

2. Fun Gives You Strength To Go Further

To put it plainly, fun keeps you sane amidst the stresses and demands of daily life. When we are having fun, we'll naturally feel happier. What's not to like about having fun when our elevated well-being aid in keeping us healthier in its own little ways? Besides, life is too short not to include fun.

Think about it: Life would be way too miserable if we wipe out and dismiss aspects of fun so willingly. Can you deal with it? I sure can't. And that's precisely why I always try my best to make the most out of everything (okay, most things) to squeeze some fun out of it, or into it.

3. People Are More Productive When They Don't Neglect Fun

Don't you agree that all your favourite teachers back in school injected fun into their classes to keep you curious, to ensure that you stay intrigued and come back for more? Really, it's not rocket science - people who have fun learning, learn best. The idea is as simple as that.

So if you're a kiasu Singaporean parent, stop forcing endless tuition on your kids already. Some young ones do not enjoy learning the traditional, drilling incessant 10-year-series way. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on tuition classes for all their subjects in school, why not let them discover their potential at fun enrichment classes for a change?

Some savvy parents know from the start that fun is crucial, especially in children's formative years, and that's why they're willing to shell out big bucks to send their kids to the most fun pre-schools in Singapore!

Go Have Fun Already!

Fret not if you can't go on an overseas vacation at the moment, change things up a bit by venturing to these drinking and eating places that don't feel like Singapore. I'm pretty sure doing so can up the fun ante in your life without having you move mountains. In fact, you can have fun without spending lots of money.

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