If you have the intention to save money for your future and prepare for rainy days, you might be wondering: How am I going to save money in this expensive and competitive society?

As a guy, I know it's hard to resist temptation to spend money. We were born into this materialistic world, and shopping malls and websites are filled with all the things we want to get our hands on.

Then there are always those friends who love to flash their new toys in front of us, making us so jealous that we find it difficult to fight the urge to get the same stuff, or something better.

But still, there are simple ways for you to save money. To help you GET more for your money, we at GET.com have come up with 3 small tips that you might find useful!

  1. 1. Don't Upgrade Your Gadgets Every Year

    You don't have to be an MBA to understand the basic market rule: Demand and supply. When there's no demand, there won't be any supply. But manufacturers will not be happy to see that, so they create demand.

    You will always see advertisements about how much better the new version of some gadget is, with a load of adjectives being pumped into your head: faster, thinner, lighter (the new trend now is "bigger".).

    Take the smartphone as an example, the gadget that guys are always fascinated by. iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series phones have both moved onto the 6th generation, and LG has released their G4. All the version numbers grow by one on a yearly basis to remind you: the old version of your phone is outdated.

    What these advertisements fail to tell you is that the new version is also more expensive. Have you ever seen the new version of the iPhone or Galaxy S series phone being sold at a cheaper price than the previous version?

    The truth is, you would be just fine even if you didn't upgrade your phone every year. The old version of your phone would be able to do the job for another year. The manufacturers know it and you know it.

  2. 2. Don't Try Too Hard To Impress Women

    As a man, you pay for the date, and girls expect you to. I'm not telling you to stop, because you would end up being called "cheap" and your ego could take a heavy blow.

    But you don't have to go too far. Firstly, you need to make up your mind if the girl is the one you'd settle with. Dating more than one girl is a pretty expensive affair. Although keeping your options open may seem like a smart move, you could end up regretting it when you get a few years wiser.

    Secondly, you can bring your girlfriend to fancy restaurants, high-end pubs and make her feel she's well taken care of, but you don't have to do it on a daily basis.

    Yes, girls do appreciate it when you treat them well, but if that's the only way she knows how to appreciate you, you might end up having at least as much trouble with your relationship as you will undoubtedly have with your wallet. You understand that even 10 credit cards combined wouldn't be able to help you solve the problem, don't you?

    Here is a cheaper option that most nice girls will appreciate: Go buy some fresh ingredients from the supermarket and cook a nice meal for her at home. That'll be romantic too and it can help you build a stronger bond with your girlfriend.

    Come on, ladies! You know how hard it is to find a guy who can cook a nice meal for you these days?

  3. 3. Unsubscribe From Promotional Newsletters

    For those who like doing shopping online, whether you admit it or not, you could probably become addicted to it. A study done last year by Rakuten Singapore confirmed that Singaporean men spend more shopping online than women.

    When you sign up for a membership at almost any shopping website, you automatically subscribe to their newsletters. You get certain discounts when you become a member, so you kind of have to sign up. Then every day, you receive newsletters about this promotion and that promotion.

    You see how this goes? You would get kiasu and wouldn't want to miss some big promotions, so you click them open with the thought that you will just browse through the catalogue. Before you realise it, you might have settled on one item.

    Now when you see the flashing signs screaming at you: "discount", "rebate", you could get click-happy and order that item.

    You may think you just saved some money because you got a big discount on the awesome item.

    The chance is that a few days after your big score, you may realise that you don't actually need that amazing thing you bought.

    You can always log on to shopping websites for your favourite things, but only when you really need to buy them. Don't let the newsletters work your mind.

    Believe me, you could save some money by unsubscribing.