Singaporeans sometimes think Singapore is boring, period. While going away on affordable getaways near Singapore isn't always feasible, there are fun and free things you can do in Singapore if you know where to look. To take your precious weekends up a notch without blowing your hard earned salary away, you might want to consider these alternative and cheap weekend getaway ideas that we at share with you below.

4 Alternative & Cheap Weekend Getaway Ideas

1. Explore Singapore's Islands

Nope, I'm not talking about Sentosa. As a matter of fact, most of us haven't even thought of going on inexpensive day trips around Singapore's waters in our free time. In addition to checking out Pulau Ubin, plan your own adventure by making your way to places the likes of St. John's Island, Kusu Island, Sisters' Island and more. You can get to these places by ferry. Plus, we reckon day trips to these islands certainly make the cut for being both family-friendly and wallet-friendly at the same time.

2. Stuff Yourself With Cheap And Good Food In JB

Foodies do not always have to part with a huge amount of money when they want to satisfy their tummies. With a relatively strong Singapore currency, eating and shopping in neighbouring Malaysia are some of the best things we can do to take advantage of the strong Singapore Dollar.

You don't even have to splurge on airfare to get to Malaysia, plan a trip to nearby Johor Bahru up north and consider it done. Here are some cheap places for good food and drinks at Johor Bahru that you ought to check out when you are there.

People like myself who don't own a car or even those who do but don't feel like driving can opt to get there via public transport. I usually make my way there on SBS's bus service 170x at Kranji MRT station.

3. Picnic At Coney Island

Have you been to Coney Island? Unlike other green spaces in Singapore, Coney Island is really as untouched and bare as it gets. This somewhat ulu part of Singapore is pretty popular amongst joggers and cyclists. Not only is it a quiet, serene place for people who would like to take a breather and cool down alone when the going gets tough, Coney Island has beaches that are perfect to picnic on. Just make sure to clear all your trash when you leave!

4. Go On A Spa Retreat

Treating yourself to a pampering spa session is highly recommended for those of you who are in dire need of a getaway within urban Singapore. Nothing else will get you that sort of cathartic peace that envelops you after a sweet spa session. Going to a spa is cheaper and more efficient than going on a holiday. And you can pop in more frequently, too! The good thing is, spa sessions don't always have to cost a bomb - here are some affordable spas in Singapore that will revitalise your soul.