Are you looking for cheap ways to have fun with your kids? Even though Singapore has a pretty high cost of living, letting your kids have fun beyond the gates at home or the playground downstairs doesn't mean you it has to cost a bomb. FYI, handing your child mobile devices so that he can spend the bulk of his time playing handphone games or staring at Youtube videos just doesn't make the cut. Your kids surely deserve better.

Here are 4 fun kids' activities under $20 we at have shortlisted for you. We've also taken the liberty to throw two bonus points in there, too. Take your kids out and weave in some fun elements for them already!

4 Fun Kids' Activities Under $20 (+ 2 Bonus Points)

1. Have A Splashing Good Time At The Children's Garden

Image source: Gardens By The Bay

Did you know that hidden in the heart of our bustling Central Business District sits this amazing play area that all children would love?

At the Far East Organization Children's Garden in Gardens By The Bay, your little ones can have a whale of a time engaging in interactive play delights, educational programmes in a lush environment and even splash some water to cool themselves off under the sun, all at no cost!

The Children's Garden is a huge playground designed with the aim of enhancing the physical and cognitive abilities of the little ones through sensory playtime elements. There's a toddler play zone, rainforest tree houses, water play area and an amphitheatre with a covered canopy. The Children's Garden is closed on Mondays, so do check out their official site for more details!

Cost: Free

2. Visit The Fire Station

Image source: Home Team

This may not be your typical idea of fun but why not take your kids out to the Fire Station Open House that is open every Saturday from 9am-11am if they've always wondered what firefighters do to respond speedily to fire and rescue calls or always wanted to experience riding the Red Rhino?

Your little ones and you get to learn more about our SCDF, their mission as the life saving force, the roles and functions of fire stations and more!

This thrilling experience may even get your kids clamoring to spray water hoses or take a ride up the ladder! No prior registration is required for groups comprising less than 10 persons, so all you have to do is to do a walk-in as visitors to any of SCDF's fire stations (except Jurong Island Fire Station). For more information, visit their official site here.

Cost: Free

3. Bask In The Intriguing World Of Science

Image source: Singapore Science Centre

We certainly can't leave out a mention of Singapore's Science Centre. Singapore's Science Centre is an excellent place for kids to discover and learn while not compromising on fun elements!

Jam-packed with intriguing interactive exhibits, you can be sure that your little ones will be having fun with all things hands-on! There are plenty of galleries with over 1000 individual exhibits, so I guess you'll have to plan return trips if your little ones want to explore all of them.

Cost: Free during off-peak days. During peak days it costs $6 for Singaporean/PR adults and $4 for children.

Image source: Singapore Science Centre

4. Let Your Kids Go Wild With Their Creativity

Image source: Playeum

Catering to children between the ages of 1 to 12, Playeum is a unique, hands-on, centric, non-profit organisation that champions children through creativity and play. Nestled in Gillman Barracks, it is natural that the activities found here are specially designed to encourage creative open-ended, exploratory learning and play alongside all things with an artsy slant.

If your little ones have a flair for all things related to the arts, this Children's Centre for Creativity is a great place for them to unleash their potential.

Cost: $20 for a child (aged 1–12); free for accompanying adult; $10 for additional accompanying adult. Annual memberships are also available.

BONUS #1: Reward Your Little Ones With A Day Out With Adorable Dolphins

Image source: Resorts World Sentosa

Not only are dolphins clever and adorable, they are one of the most fascinating marine mammals of our vast oceans! If your little ones have a big heart for dolphins, you should definitely give them the opportunity to mingle and interact with the magnificent Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins at Dolphin Island. This wonderful experience will surely be an unforgettable one for your kids and you, don't you think so?

With a myriad of dolphin interaction programmes ranging from one that lets your kids get up-close with the dolphins without getting into the water (i.e. Dolphin Encounter) to one that lets them swim with the beautiful dolphins in the lagoon (i.e. Dolphin Adventure), your little ones have the option to pick whichever they like most!

Even though these programmes aren't the cheapest, a memorable yet enriching experience should be worthwhile, right? Plus, all dolphin interaction programmes come with a one-day pass to Adventure Cove Waterpark!


Image source: Resorts World Sentosa

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