Nobody wants to be consciously wasting money especially when things already don't come cheap in Singapore. As much as we try to avoid spending on impulse shopping online or at the mall, there are still things that we may not realise that we're wasting money on. Read on ahead to see if you could be wasting money on the following things that we at think many people are paying for mindlessly.

4 Things You May Be Wasting Money On Without Knowing

1. Magazine and newspaper subscriptions

Do you really read the magazines and newspapers you have subscribed to diligently? While I personally enjoy physical copies of things, be it newspapers or books, there are plenty of free options available online these days. Case in point, you can catch up on daily news at no charge just by reading online from sites like Channel NewsAsia or TODAYOnline. For fashion and beauty reads, I am partial to overseas digital publications like Who What Wear and Byrdie. These are available for free, too.

2. Overdue credit card bills

Although credit cards can help you save money, you have to be savvy if you want to win the credit card game. Paying your credit card bills in full punctually is key if you want to make sure that awesome rewards like cashback, air miles and rewards points really count.

By paying off your credit card balance late, you'll be wasting money on hefty interest rates. A quick and easy way to avoid overdue credit card bills is to pay via GIRO. Make sure you select the option to pay the 'full amount' when you are applying for GIRO payment.

3. Excessive snacks and food

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that most people eat chips and junk food from time to time, but going grocery shopping when you are hungry is something you should avoid if you are looking to shed some pounds, reduce food wastage and save some money. What many people don't realise is that shopping for groceries when one is hungry tends to result in us picking up more high-calorie foods and more food in general. Try to avoid shopping for food when you are starving, and while you are at it, here are some tricks to help you save money on grocery purchases.

4. Petrol

Spending on fuel is something you cannot avoid if you drive to get to places. Instead of paying full price for petrol or diesel, make use of the best petrol credit cards on the market to help you bring those costs down. There are great ways to save money on petrol in Singapore, really. For example, you can save more than 20% on each fuel purchase you make when you pair the right credit card with petrol discounts that members of petrol company loyalty programmes get to enjoy. That's a lot of savings!