I'm a movie fanatic - or at least I was. I used to go to cinemas every weekend, indulging myself in movies of all genres from the US, Europe, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and other countries.

But that was 2 years ago before my son was born. Now I'm rarely lucky enough to have enough time to finish a DVD movie at home without my son disrupting it, or editing it into a music video by messing with the remote control.

Then there's another thing: Prices of movie tickets have increased quite a bit in Singapore. Just a couple of years ago, I could get a ticket to weekend shows and on public holidays at a price below $10. Now it costs $13 at Cathay, $12.50 at Golden Village and $12 at Shaw Theatres. It's even more expensive if the show is in 3D or IMAX format.

At this rate, by the time my son goes to the secondary school, I will probably need to pay the equivalent of a month's phone bill (my subscription fee is $42.90) to see a movie!

But don't worry about that yet. Despite the increase in ticket prices, there are still ways for you to watch a movie in Singapore at a cheaper cost.

We at GET.com share with you 4 ways to save money on movies and help you get more for your money!

  1. 1. Go To Cinemas On Weekdays

    Everybody is busy on weekdays - working, studying, or busy with other things. We seem to be so fixated on a 7-day schedule that that we only find time to relax on weekends and public holidays.

    With everybody trying to pack as much fun as possible into weekends and public holidays, it isn't surprising that leisure hotspots (including cinemas) are usually packed. I remember when Spider-Man 3 started showing in cinemas in 2007, I couldn't get a weekend ticket until 3 weeks after the movie hit the screens!

    When I finally got a ticket, I also got the privilege of listening to the couple sitting next to me having a wise discussion about why Sandman could totally beat Spiderman.

    If you want to enjoy a show with less heads bobbing in front of you, or a quieter environment without a dozen running commentaries drowning out the movie track, it might be a better idea to watch the movie on a weekday. The experience is better, and the price is definitely lower!

    From Monday to Thursday (except for movie opening days), a movie ticket costs $8.5 at Shaw Theatres and Golden Village cinemas, and $9 at Cathay. That's $3.5 or $4 cheaper than the weekend price!

  2. 2. Use the Right Credit Card

    Knowing how much we love movies, banks offer credit card holders some great discounts at movie theatres. You can save quite a bit of money on your tickets just by using the right credit card to pay.

    HSBC credit cards are known in Singapore to have great tie-ups with cinemas here. A popular card is HSBC's Revolution Credit Card, which lets you purchase an HSBC's Movie Card so that you can enjoy great discounts at Golden Village cinemas.

    If you use HSBC's Revolution Credit Card to buy the HSBC's Movie Card - Weekdays, you can get 10 movie credits for $70. And if you buy the HSBC's Movie Card - All Days, you will get 10 movie credits for $85, which can be redeemed for tickets on all days including weekends.

  3. 3. Catch A Show At MovieMob

    Watching a movie at home is not the same experience from what you get at a cinema. But you can get a similar experience by going to a MovieMob event! The best part is admission is free!

    MovieMob is a free outdoor movie screening that takes place at different locations in Singapore, such as The Star Vista and Marina Bay. Since its inception in 2009, about 40,000 people in Singapore have joined the MovieMob community.

    Sure, you don't get the comfort of the air-conditioned auditorium and a sofa seat, but you can watch the show for free together with your family and friends. You can also buy snacks from supermarkets for a lot less than what you pay at theatres!

    Check out MovieMob's website for more information on showtimes and screening locations. You can also sign up to become a MovieMobber and vote for your favourite movies before the event!

  4. 4. Use Movie Vouchers

    If you don't have a credit card that gives you upfront discounts at cinemas, you can use vouchers to see a movie for free. Many banks let you redeem your credit card rewards points for movie vouchers.

    For example, Citibank lets you redeem 4230 rewards points for a pair of Golden Village movie passes, or 4730 rewards points for a pair of Shaw Theatres movie tickets.

    And with Citi Rewards Card, you can earn rewards points faster. This card lets you earn 10 times rewards points for every $1 spent on shopping and all your online purchases (except travel-related purchases).

    With HSBC credit cards, you can redeem 9500 rewards points for 1 movie pass to Golden Village Gold Class at GV VivoCity, GV Grand and GV Katong.

    And if you use HSBC's Revolution Credit Card, you can earn 5 points for every $1 spent on online transactions, including movie tickets bought online. That's a great way to save money on movies!