Most Singaporeans I know tend to overpack for their trips abroad. Do you pack more than you need all the time? It's important to learn how to pack properly in order to avoid lugging extra weight around for no reason and not using half of what we packed. Packing light for your travels has an endless host of benefits that any traveller will be able to appreciate.

Below are four ways that we at have gathered for you to help you travel light on long trips. #1 is incredibly important! For those of you who prefer to only take one carry-on bag with you, check out these three essential hand luggage packing tips.

4 Ways To Travel Light On Long Trips Without Leaving Anything Essential Behind

1. Do Your Laundry

Pack a week's worth of outfits and do your laundry conscientiously in the middle of the week. Don't be lazy or you wouldn't have fresh, clean clothes to put on the following week. Should you happen to enjoy doing laundry daily for any rhyme or reason, feel free to do that as long as your clothes can dry before you need to pack them up and move on to the next destination. Needless to say, clothes that are quick-drying will up your travel game, too.

2. Buy Some Travel Essentials At Your Destination

For some of us with ultra sensitive and finicky skin, it is best that you pack enough of your own skincare and beauty products that you know work well for you for the entire trip. Along with personal medications, travel adaptors and charging cables, these are things that may not be easily replaceable while you are on the road, so pack these essentials for the trip and keep them safe.

On the other hand, if you want to save space and avoid carrying too much weigh when travelling, try buying some travel essentials at your destination instead of lugging them along. There are lots of items that you can easily buy or replace while travelling like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, cotton wool, pads, sunscreen, etc.

3. Make Use Of Space Creatively

Oh boy, every inch of space is precious when you are travelling albeit a short or long trip. Besides folding clothes that have to be folded and rolling up your rollable clothes tightly like a burrito before vacuuming them in a ziplock or air compression bag to save space and prevent wrinkling, you can make use of space in an innovative way. Nobody says you can't get creative with the way you pack.

Don't let the space in your shoes go to waste - roll up your socks neatly and stuff as many pairs as you can in each shoe. Not only do you not miss out on bringing socks on your travel, your shoes won't get all squished in your luggage.

Save your delicate electrical and USB cables (or even earphones) by putting them in a sunglass case. This way, they don't get tangled and you know that they're always protected. The sunglass case is also great if you need to store tiny, dainty makeup items such as eyebrow and eyeliner pencil, concealer sticks, etc.

4. Download Guide Books/Books Onto Your Devices

Do you love reading as much as I do? While I prefer old-school physical books (nothing beats the sound and scent of flipping pages), it makes more sense to take electronic books with us when we are travelling.

The same is said for travel guidebooks. If you are someone who relies on travel guidebooks, try downloading them onto your tablet or smartphone. You kill three birds with one stone here because you get to read what you want or need to read, and you save space as well as weight. It's a win-win situation, really.

While you are it, make sure you have electronic copies of important documents with you as well. You can't be too kiasu when it comes to ensuring that you have extra copies of your travel itineraries, passport and IC stored electronically on your device/s.