Tourists coming to Singapore may not know the country for its beaches; instead, most would be excited about its diverse food culture and shopping venues. Being a sunny island state that's surrounded by water, naturally we also have some great beaches!

We have a number of beautiful beaches that you can visit to enjoy different types of activities. From stretches of deserted sandy beaches to those filled with activities and beach bodies to look at, brings you a list of Singapore's best beaches to chill out on a sunny day.

Best Beach For: Parties, To See & Be Seen

1. Siloso Beach

Sentosa has 3 beaches, namely Tanjong, Siloso and Palawan beach. Of the three, perhaps Siloso Beach is the busiest of them.

If you are going there on a sunny weekend, prepare for crowds of bikini babes and active beach bodies playing beach volleyball and suntanning on the golden sand. There is also music blasting from the few beach bars around.

You will be able to swim here, chill out with a drink and have some food at some of the beach bars. Other beach activities you can try out here include kayaking, cycling and rollerblading.

At night, the place comes alive with music and parties, as well! There is also a cluster of beach bars called the C Side which includes Coastes, Bikini Bar and Sand Bar, each one offers different vibes for various beach personalities.

Best Beach For: Weekend Family Time With Activities For Kids

2. Palawan Beach

Located within walking distance from Siloso beach, you can find a quieter stretch of beach called Palawan Beach.

There's plenty of space to find a quiet spot to relax and the main feature of this beach is the link bridge which brings you to the southernmost point of continental Asia.

This beach is kid-friendly as well, with "Captain Palawan" making an appearance every weekend and during school holidays. The Port of Lost Wonder – Singapore's First Kids' club by the beach – can be found here as well and it has lots of activities to keep your children occupied while you enjoy a suntan.

Best Beach For: A Rustic Escape

3. Lazarus Island

If you want to escape the crowd and are looking for a rustic beach such as those on the shores of our nearby neighbours, head to Lazarus Island.

Being one of the southern islands, it is easily accessible yet retains the rustic charm of old Singapore. Expect clear water and soft sand where you can lay down all day without any disturbances from noisy crowds.

However, there are no shops so prepare your picnic basket and water, although you can definitely stay the night in one of the spartan holiday bungalows at St. John's island.

Best Beach For: Overnight Camping, Family Outings

4. East Coast Beach

Image source: SMU Chamber Choir

Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Singapore, East Coast Park itself gets pretty busy on a weekend. People looking to do outdoor activities can rent bicycles, rollerblades, hold barbeques, camp and take a dip in the water.

Being a family-oriented beach/park also means you can find a wide variety of activities here. A good way to fully enjoy this beach experience is to spend the night here camping! Imagine how exciting it would be for your kids to camp out at the soft, sandy beach while enjoying a late night BBQ and counting stars. Just remember to apply for a camping permit so that you can pitch your tent here.

Best Beach For: Quiet Moments, Photo Spot

5. Punggol Beach

Image source: by William Cho via Wikimedia Commons

You might have heard of Punggol Waterway or Punggol Point Park but Punggol Beach? Yes, there is an actual beach here with soft white sand.

However, the beach is littered with large rocks, so it may not be the best place to take off your slippers for a walk. Nevertheless, it's still a pretty charming place to stop by to sit on one of the huge rocks and admire the changing colours of the sky during sunset.

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