You've worked hard, and are happy to leave Singapore on a well-deserved holiday. But having a great holiday does not mean you need to splurge, neither does it mean you need to live on a shoestring.

There are ways to have a lot of fun for free by simply enjoying nature, being resourceful, and spending your vacation in a different way to ensure a richer experience.

If you are looking for something different from a "seeing a landmark and taking a picture" type of holiday, try out some of's suggestions below!

  1. 1. Cheaper Alternatives To Hotels

    Hotels can be expensive, they can also be too typical and boring. If you prefer to get to know a place from a local's perspective, or just immerse yourself in a new culture for a short while, there are other accommodation options that are cheaper and more authentic than hotels.

    Consider couchsurfing, renting a place on Airbnb or trying out a home stay. These are much cheaper (sometimes free!) and staying with locals could come with extra perks such as being invited to eat a local home-cooked meal, free breakfast and discovering cheaper ways to get around.

    Have you tried staying in a Ryokan in Japan? They often come with a shared bathroom, but they are so clean and quaint that they often beat the minuscule western hotels in Japan.

    If you are planning on taking a longer trip, invest in a guidebook such as Lonely Planet that offers a list of accommodations according to your budget.

  2. 2. Take Advantage Of Free Activities

    There are usually lots of free activities you can do on a holiday and they provide a more authentic experience and often lead you to have a better understanding of the lifestyle and culture of the country.

    Simply having a walk in the city and admiring the nature or architecture, having a picnic by a lake or going trekking is free fun. If you are afraid of getting lost, join a walking tour where you can find like-minded people.

    In countries such as London, museums are free to explore as well. You just need to do a little research in order to avoid the usual tourist traps.

  3. 3. Leverage On Train/Tourist Passes

    Many countries offer their own tourist passes which let tourists enjoy unlimited free transport for a set number of days and grant you discounts to key attractions.

    If you already know which places of interest you would like to cover, do check out the tourist passes to enjoy some savings.

    One such pass is the Paris Pass, if you purchase this pass you will enjoy unlimited rides on the metro and buses, get free entrance to over 55 museums, monuments and attractions as well as save time as you get to go on fast track entry to these locations.

  4. 4. Use The Right Credit Card

    We do not mean just any credit card, but cards that give you perks while traveling, these cards are known as travel credit cards.

    Travel credit cards such as The American Express® Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card or Citi PremierMiles Visa Card give you great savings with their air miles programmes, discounts on travel partner merchants and complimentary travel insurance.

    If you prefer the practicality of earning cashback on your travel purchases, choose a cashback card that gives you the maximum cashback without any minimum spending that you need to fulfill every month.

  5. 5. Consider Budget Airlines Or Round-The-World Tickets

    Have you tried flying on a budget airline yet? Most are considered pretty comfortable (and safe!), and even if you need to pay for entertainment and food, the price you pay compared to a full-service flight is still comparatively cheaper.

    If it's a short flight, you really shouldn't mind at all especially since cost-savings are substantial. Planning to take a longer holiday or sabbatical? Go for a round-the-world ticket or the Air Asia Asean pass which gets you to many locations with a huge discount compared to booking individual flights.

    Make sure to check our list of the sneaky budget airline fees you should avoid before booking your flight!