Singapore may unofficially be referred to as the Garden City, but living in Singapore can sometimes feel like being enclosed in a concrete jungle. For a nature lover like me, being able to see a little bit of green is important especially after staring at the computer screen for hours on end.

Even though we might not have the amazing views of nature like those in Lombok or Ubud, we do have some pretty high buildings which offer spectacular views of the Singapore skyline.

When you're not visiting new dining and drinking places with your friends, why not save some money and head to these sky gardens to just hang out?

We at have come up with 5 sky gardens you can go to at little (or no) cost if you want to chill out somewhere with a view.

5 Sky Gardens in Singapore That Are Worth Checking Out

1. Orchard Central

Image source: TripAdvisor

Located at the highest point of Orchard Central mall, being up here is great if you just want to rest after a long day of shopping, without having to spend a single dollar.

We all know how crowded Orchard Road can get after work hours or especially on the weekend, so heading up to this not-so-well-known sky garden might just give you a little bit of peace and quiet high above the hustle and bustle.

2. Pinnacle @ Duxton

Image source: TripAdvisor

For just $5, you get access to the Pinnacle at Duxton and you'll be able to see a 360 degree panoramic view of Singapore's CBD. While the access to this sky garden might be a little complicated, it's so worth the trouble.

Don't worry about where you can settle down or put your things because there are plenty of seats available.

3. School Of The Arts (SOTA)

Image source: SOTA

Also located in Singapore's central area, the rooftop sky garden at SOTA is well decorated with luscious greens and has quite a view that overlooks the City Hall area. It's a great spot for students and working adults to go to during their breaks for some fresh air.

4. Toa Payoh Central HDB

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

I know what you're thinking. A sky garden in an old HDB estate? Well, believe it because it's real. If you live in the Toa Payoh area, you've probably heard of the tallest HDB flat located at Toa Payoh Blk 79b.

What you might not know is that there's a sky garden available there that looks absolutely stunning at night. Next time you find yourself in the area, check it out and see for yourself.

5. National Library

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

I suppose this was placed at a library on purpose. Fellow bookworms who visit the National Library often head to the sky garden to give their eyes a break or to just chill out. Plus it's a good outdoor alternative if the air-con gets too cold in the library itself.

Other Sky High Locations

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