Do you think you know all of Singapore's unique landmarks? Our country may just be a tiny red dot in the world and a young nation turning 51 this year, but we've got distinctive landmarks here on our sunny shores that add to our Singapore's vibrancy and uniqueness.

We completely understand that opinions are subjective and you might have other landmarks in mind, but here are the top 7 most unique landmarks in Singapore that we at have curated for this list.

7 Most Unique Landmarks In Singapore

1. ION Sky

For those who haven't really been exploring Singapore, perhaps it's high time you venture out of your house for a change and head over to ION Sky, 56 floors above Orchard Road and 218 metres into the clouds.

Feast your eyes with a sweeping 360 degree view of Singapore at the observatory perched atop ION Orchard. Admission is free, and it's open between 3pm and 6pm, daily. Note that the last admission to ION Sky is at 5:30pm, though.

That's me pictured above. It's pretty chilly up there due to air-conditioning, so bring a fluffy cardigan along if you can't stand being cold. Kids are allowed, too, though they should always be supervised by adults.

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2. Rochor Centre

Do you know that Rochor Centre is coming to a close soon? The authorities will be getting rid of these buildings in the Bugis area to make way for the upcoming North-South Expressway by the end of 2016, so if you want to snap a piece of history, now is a good time before the iconic blocks are gone for good.

Built back in 1977, Rochor Centre used to be bustling in its heyday. This mixed development boasts 3 storeys dedicated to retail, a playground on the 4th storey, and residents lived in HDB units from the 5th to 16th floor.

The four colourful blocks that we now know as Rochor Centre weren't painted with such vibrant colours before, in fact, they were painted white!

3. The Pinnacle @ Duxton

Anyone who's been to the hipster enclave of Tanjong Pagar would have seen the landmark HDB development soaring into the skies. Sure, they look very much like swanky condominiums but the HDB units here don't come cheap at all. For those who don't know, several units here have fetched over $1 million when they were put up for sale.

Basically, The Pinnacle @ Duxton are Singapore's loftiest HDB flats that tower 50 storeys, and boast the globe's two longest sky gardens at the 26th and 50th floor. Of course, at heights like that, you can expect stunning views of the cityscape when you're up there.

Non-residents can head up to the skybridge that's perched at the 50th storey to take in the scenic views, while the one on the 26th storey is strictly reserved for residents of the public housing project.

According to the office site of The Pinnacle @ Duxton, the skybridge on the 50th floor is open to the public daily from 9am to 9pm, except during special events. Note that non-residents who are looking to head up there have to pay $5 per person, per entry.

4. Marina Bay Sands

Image source: Singapore Tourism Board

Marina Bay Sands is hands down the most iconic landmark in the Marina Bay area, with its 3 cascading hotel towers, amazing sky park on the 57th floor, the world's biggest infinity pool, floating crystal pavilions, extensive MICE facilities, myriad of high-end retail stores at The Shoppes, slew of celebrity chef restaurants and more. The casino is here, too, although I'm not endorsing gambling in any way here (read these 5 reasons why gambling is always a bad idea).

5. ArtScience Museum

Image source: Singapore Tourism Board

Have you ever visited any exhibition at the ArtScience Museum? I've only been to two exhibitions there, namely Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb and Harry Potter. Admission fees apply but up to 4 children under the age of 12 get to enter the museum for free with every adult ticket purchased on Fridays, except during Singapore school holidays and public holidays.

6. Lau Pa Sat

Image source: Singapore Tourism Board

In my opinion, Lau Pa Sat became the prettiest hawker centre in Singapore after it underwent a facelift back in 2014. Even if you don't work in the heart of the financial district, you would have visited the Lau Pa Sat for a meal or two before. After all, it's one of the 10 outdoor places where you'll find amazing food here in Singapore.

Its striking octagonal architecture, arches, lovingly carved eaves and thin Victorian columns topped with intricate filigree work combined with its rich history make this one of Singapore's most prominent buildings that is well loved by both locals and tourists alike. In case you aren't already aware, this landmark was gazetted as Singapore's national monument way back in 1973.

7. Old Supreme Court

For people who aren't sure, the architectural structure with the robin egg blue dome perched atop is the said stately Old Supreme Court on St Andrew's Road that's rooted in the heart of our city since 1939. It is now part of the National Gallery, by the way. You'll find art displayed there instead of the dispensing of justice.

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