Changi Airport is moving with times in tandem with Singapore's Smart Nation drive. The newest fully-automated Terminal 4 which began operation officially at the end of October runs heavily on technology and features self-service check-in, automated bag drop, departure immigration clearance along with boarding. Well, it turns out that it isn't only at our newest passenger terminal that you will experience how technology is changing the way we all travel.

For those who haven't heard, Terminal 1 has recently gotten a boost in the number of self-service and bag drop kiosks. This comes as a result of Changi Airport moving towards the adoption of automation in a bid to increase efficiency and cut back on the demand for manpower. This year alone, 30 check-in kiosks and 20 baggage drop-off machines have been added to Terminal 1's departure hall in phases.

While the self-service kiosks and machines have been rolled out to travellers flying through the terminal, not all passengers are taking to them as some still prefer the human touch of doing things the traditional way, interacting with airport and airline staff. Perhaps, with more time and more people getting used to it, more travellers - even those who are older - will feel more comfortable embracing technology.

For the rest of us, self check-ins and bag drops could possibly become our preferred way to do things at the airport from now on thanks to the time we can save and the ease of use.

Other Changi Airport News You Really Need To Know

As of 1 January 2018, Changi Airport has ceased final call announcements for passengers to get to their boarding gates and airlines have stopped paging for specific passengers. All airlines that operate out of Changi Airport will be affected. To avoid missing your flights and causing unnecessary inconveniences to yourself, you have to be extra careful and keep an eye on the time.

According to Changi Airport Group, only essential announcements pertaining to emergencies, lost and found passports and children, gate changes, flight delays, and belt changes (etc.) will be made. It is the hope of the management to turn Changi Airport into a quieter and more pleasant airport, despite the fact that it is already the world's best airport for years running.

What Changi Airport is doing isn't new in the airline world. This 'silent airport' trend is adopted at many other international airports around the world, such as Brussels Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, and Hamad International Airport.