France remains as one of the top travel destinations in the world – over 80 million people visited the country in 2014, and it's a favourite European destination for Singaporeans.

As Audrey Hepburn said in one of her movies, "Paris is always a good idea". You simply can't say you've been to France without seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower, can you?

Even if English isn't the first language of the country, tourists continue to throng the country, with rising numbers seen from countries such as China.

In fact, France recognises the importance of Chinese tourists so much so that they've cut the processing time of their visa applications from ten days to two.

So what's the charm about Paris? In's Paris Travel Guide we'll show you the top things to see, do, eat and buy in the City of Love.

Best Things To See In Paris

Ask a six-year-old child and they might be able to identify the Eiffel Tower. But there's so much more to this beautiful city than its famous tower.

Architecture and history lovers will have an eye-feast on historic buildings, churches, museums and parks that await their exploration.

Notre Dame De Paris

Notre Dame de Paris or "Our Lady of Paris" is a historic catholic cathedral that is over 800 years old. It is also one of the most notable monuments in Paris. It took over 200 years to complete, it was started in 1163 and finished in 1345.

The cathedral is widely considered to be one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture with its stained-glass windows remaining an important collection of Gothic art.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is still in use today for Sunday mass and it is the seat of the Archbishop of Paris. One of the most notable artefacts within the cathedral is the famous bell, "Emmanuel".

Visitors to the bell tower should prepare themselves to climb the 140 step staircase!

Entrance to the cathedral is free all year round, and if you are put off by the long queues, join the hundreds of others seated outside the church and admire the grand lady's beauty!

Eiffel Tower

And so you plan to visit THE defining landmark of Paris, but other than viewing it from the park below, where else can you get your best postcard picture?

Read the suggestions below for the best locations to visit for a picture with the Eiffel Tower.


Take the Metro to the stop called Trocadéro and follow the signs toward the exit towards "Tour Eiffel."

As soon as you arrive at the Place du Trocadéro, you'll be greeted with an astounding view of the Eiffel Tower! This is probably the place where you'll take the photo that will define your visit to Paris.


Printemps is a mall located in Paris. Hidden above one of its buildings is a roof top terrace that offers a 360-degree view of Paris.

It is open to the public, free to visit and it has a cafe at the top where you can rest your feet after shopping and enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Parc Du Champ De Mars

Right below the Eiffel Tower, there's a park called 'Parc du Champ de Mars' that stretches all the way to the military school.

You'll spot many people laying out their mats and picnic baskets, lying on the grass and enjoying a view of the giant metal tower.

Arc De Triomphe

Other than the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe is perhaps the next most famous monument in Paris.

The construction of this iconic arch was ordered by Napoleon in 1806 to honour the French army after conquering most of Europe.

It stands as an emblem of French patriotism and is engraved with the names of 558 generals.

Jardin Des Tuileries

Those who think that Paris only has historical architecture will need to visit the Jardin des Tuileries to appreciate how the French understand the need for greenery in a city.

The garden was ordered to be built by Catherine de Médicis, initially serving as a royal garden before it became public in the 17th century.

The garden is located between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum and presents a huge public space and park for those who want to enjoy some tranquility in the city.

Top Things To Do In Paris

Visit The Louvre Museum

Probably best known for housing the Mona Lisa painting, the former royal palace is one of the world's largest museums containing over 380,000 objects drawing over 10 million visitors annually.

Its collections are perhaps some of the finest in the world, with items from thousands of years ago and art pieces and artefacts from all over the world.

The museum is divided into eight curatorial departments – Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Near Eastern Antiquities, Islamic Art, Painting, Sculptures, Decorative Arts, and Prints and Drawings.

Day Trip To Versailles

A visit to the Château de Versailles is a must. It marked one of the highlights of my trip to France.

The chateau has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List for 30 years and is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces from the 18th century in France.

This palace started out as Louis XIII's hunting lodge, since then it has been home to three French Kings up till the French Revolution in 1789 after which the reign of the monarch ended.

It was then that the château assumed its new role as the Museum of the History of France.

The entire estate is huge and will take you more than a day to explore if you take your time to appreciate the details.

Mainly, it is divided into four areas, namely the Palace, Garden, the Grand Trianon and Marie-Antoinette's Estate.

Personally, I was very impressed and amazed by the sheer size of the garden. You can easily spend more than half a day just exploring and admiring the well-kept greenery.

If you plan on visiting the palace, remember not to miss the most famous rooms – the hall of mirrors, grand apartments of the king and the king's bedchamber.

Disneyland Paris

Theme park lovers or hardcore Disney fans must not miss the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris.

For the uninitiated, there are two separate theme parks here – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. While the first is what you would expect of the classic Disneyland, the latter is dedicated towards movie productions.

Highlights at Disneyland Park include the parade and fireworks at night, while those who prefer thrill rides should visit Studios Park.

Special mention goes to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for some free-falling action as well as the RC Racer.

Crazy Horse

I'm not sure if anyone remembers this, but the famous cabaret show from Paris - Crazy Horse – featuring nude female dancers and celebrating the female form, was brought into Singapore but it closed after only 13 months.

If you hadn't had the chance to see it, you've got to catch it in Paris. The venue was refurbished in 2007 and retains its luxurious image lined with red couches, lacquered wood and mirrors.

What To Eat In Paris

Well, what can we say? French food is one of the most celebrated and widely acclaimed cuisines in the world.

Although in Singapore, French food is often seen as part of fine dining, you'll realise that in France you can find authentic French dishes such as steak frites, beef bourguignon and croque-monsieur at very affordable prices.

Get ready to live the epicurean life and enjoy delectable French food in every corner of the city.

For the French, a breakfast usually includes a croissant or pain au chocolat. And unlike Singaporeans who like to slather butter on our bread, they typically take theirs with something sweet – a fruit jam or nutella.

While you can typically find these breakfast pastries in any bakery (and at half the price of those in Singapore!), a famous place to have it is at Angelina. Go for its choice of Parisian breakfast to dine like the French or go straight to desserts with its signature pastry, Le Mont-Blanc.

To enjoy your lunch or dinner with a view, eat at one of the restaurants at the Eiffel Tower. Have a chic picnic at the 58 Tour Eiffel, or enjoy a fine meal at Le Jules Verne.

The cheapest 3-course lunch menu at Le Jules Verne costs 105 euros, but the view from the Eiffel Tower and a once-in-a-lifetime experience will probably make it all worthwhile. After lunch, remember to stop by the champagne bar at the top of the Eiffel Tower for a farewell tipple.

Carry on with your gourmet journey by finishing your afternoon with some cheese or a dessert. Cheese lovers will find the finest cheese in France. For this, check out some of the famous fromageries in Paris - Fromagerie Laurent Dubois, Fromagerie Androuet and Fromagerie Beaufils.

If sweets are more your thing, there's no lack of desserts and French patisseries to feast on. Start with the famously expensive Ladurée macarons, Paris-Brest from La Patisserie des Rêves and the delicious ice cream from Berthillon.

Where To Shop In Paris

Obviously, many Singaporeans think of doing their Louis Vuitton and Chanel shopping in Paris, shopping in the city doesn't have to be limited to luxury items.

Of course, you can go shopping at high-end boutiques if that's your aim, but it's not difficult to hunt down cheap souvenirs and food gifts if you know where to look.

Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is a department store in Paris which is kind of like an equivalent to Orchard Road in Singapore. You can easily spend a few hours here, though I have a feeling that since we Singaporeans are already spoilt for choices at our own Orchard Road, Galeries Lafayette may turn out to be a bit of a ho-hum.


The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is a 1.9 kilometre long stretch which runs between the Place de la Concorde and the Place Charles de Gaulle. The stretch of road is well-known for its luxury shops and cafes. Brand name shops located here include Cartier, Gucci, Montblanc and Louis Vuitton.

La Grande Epicerie De Paris

Looking for some food gifts to bring home? Then you should head to La Grande Epicerie De Paris. The specialty food section is housed within the department store of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. You'll find high-end food souvenirs such as fine tea, fruit jams and preserves as well as a wine cellar.

Money-Saving Tips For Paris

Many travellers may have the perception that a trip in Europe is decidedly expensive, but the falling euro and cheaper air tickets these days have made it a much cheaper trip compared to yesteryears.

The cheapest type of food you can probably get for lunch or dinner will be kebabs or sandwiches. They typically cost around 4 euros and are usually a good-enough size to fill you up.

You can't find food court concepts in Paris and most people either cook at home or eat at restaurants (there aren't even many fast food outlets!).

A good way to try out French food but not break the bank is to eat at bistros instead of restaurants. They are casual eateries and there's usually a menu of the day where you can order French dishes at cheaper prices.

If you are planning to catch some of the major tourist attractions such as the Louvre, Versailles and other museums, consider getting the Paris Pass which gets you free entries to selected museums and monuments, fast-track entries to various attractions and unlimited travel on the metro, RER and buses with the Paris Visite Travelcard.

Do you think that food gifts at La Grande Épicerie de Paris are too expensive to bring back? No worries, because most people would agree. It's a little bit like Harrod's in London.

My tip is to visit a local supermarket like Carrefour or buy at a farmer's market. Local supermarkets are great places to get cheap local products instead of buying from specialty stores which charge a few times more with a nicer packaging.

Since your air tickets will comprise a large part of your trip's budget, it's a good idea to already start saving on your ticket! How can you do that?

There are several ways to save on plane tickets, one of them is to book in advance and compare prices between travel sites and airline websites to see where you can find the lowest prices.

Another way to save money on your air tickets is to use a rewards credit card to pay for your airfare.

Shoot for a travel credit card or a cashback credit card in order to earn rewards on your spending which can later be redeemed for cheaper airfare, hotel stays or sometimes even cold hard cash.

Here you can find our pick of the 2 best cashback credit cards for travellers.

If you're looking for a place to stay that won't break the bank, take a look at the cheapest hotel rates in Paris here.