Santorini is one of the most beautiful large islands in Greece. If you think you've seen water so clear that you can see the sea-bed, like the ones in the Gold Coast, well let me tell you that the water in Santorini is so clear, you can see the sea-bed in HD. You have probably heard of Santorini at least once in your life, and weirdly enough it really is what the movies make it out to be.

The cobbled steps, the sun in your face and the endless big blue, it's all true what they say about this gorgeous island. If you're planning to take a trip out to the Aegean Sea, then this guide might give you a few great ideas of what to do, see and eat when you get there.

Santorini is an almost crescent-shaped island which you can reach via a 6-hour straight boat ride from Piraeus Port. The island itself has many pockets of different towns where people live. The most popular towns would be Oia and Fira where most of whatever happens goes on, as well as the town of Perissa.

Things To Do

Getting around Santorini is relatively simple. If you're not driving on the island or renting a quad bike, you can always hop on their shuttle busses for about €3. Just take note on the bus' destination to make sure you hop on the right one.

1. Visit Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is located right at the bottom of Oia. This is pretty much the food hub in Santorini where you can find some of the best seafood places. But other than just eating, Amoudi Bay is a great place for you to take photos at.

2. Buy A Book At Atlantis Books

Image source: Atlantis Books

This was such a pleasantly unsuspecting find when I was in Oia. Surprisingly enough it was my love for cats that caught my eye about Atlantic Books. Outside of the shop there was a trunk full of books that were going at any price because it was a form of donation to the cats living in the bookstore.

But even if cats are not your thing, you can still pay Atlantis Books a visit to learn a little more about the Greek language and find some of your favourite classic titles in there as well.

3. Walk Down The Steps Of Karavolades

Similar to the steps in Oia that you have to take to get to Amoudi Bay, the 588 steps of Karavolades are used by both donkeys and humans alike.

While these donkeys are there for tourism purposes (to take you down the steps), much like how the elephants are used in Thailand and Indonesia, do not take them. I don't think they are well taken care off and treated, especially when I saw one with a deep gash in its neck.

And don't worry, once you've taken the steps down, you won't have to climb back up - there's a cable car ride that will take you back to the top.

4. Visit The Different Beaches

Even though Santorini is just one island, there are plenty of other cool beaches that you should check out when you're there. One of the more famous ones is the black sand beach in Perissa, where I lived at.

If you're a beach bum and you love beach-hopping you, should also check out a couple of the red sand beaches and some white-sand beaches too.

Things To See

1. Sunset At The Caldera

If there's one thing you need to witness while in Santorini, it has to be the sunset in Oia.

If you've seen the postcards and countless Instagram photos of beautiful sunsets in Santorini, they were probably taken at the caldera in Oia. This is the best spot on the island to watch the sky transition from an orange to a deep blue.

Unfortunately for me though, it was super cloudy but if the weather is on your side, make sure you take loads of photos to remember this once in a lifetime experience.

Things To Eat

1. Seafood In Amoudi Bay

Like I mentioned before, Amoudi Bay is where you want be for some really quality seafood in Santorini. Personally, I went to Dimitri's which is also coincidentally one of the most highly recommend restaurants according to TripAdvisor.

2. Gyros And Souvlakis

The moment you step foot on Santorini you'd know that gyro and souvlakis are going to be a staple for almost every single one of your meals, simply because there is no way to try every single one of their stores in a span of 4 days.

Here's a tip though, if you do find a gyro shop that you love, you should stick with the same one because the quality of the food will change according to where they are on the island.

3. Lolita's Gelato

Image source: Santorini 365

I know gelato can seem a little weird in Santorini, but trust me when I say that this is probably the best gelato you will ever have in Greece. Everything in Lolita's is home-made, from the ice-cream to the waffles. They've got some pretty interesting flavours for gelatos like pink pepper and biscuit flavours.

Money-Saving Tips For Your Trip To Santorini

In conclusion, Santorini was exactly the way the pretty photos had painted it to be and so much more. People on the island are super kind and if you find yourself in a sticky situation there, all you need to do is ask for help and they will come to your aid.

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