Going to the airport to pick up your loved ones any time soon? If your family or friends are returning to Singapore via Terminal 1 and you are driving there, be sure to head to the terminal's Basement 1 going forward. Changi Airport Terminal 1's new arrival pick-up facility at Basement 1 has been in use with effect from 21 February 2018. This relocation comes at a time when expansion works are still ongoing at Terminal 1, as is the development of Jewel at Changi.

Drivers are encouraged to follow the road signs that indicate ‘T1 Arrival' when they are driving along the Airport Boulevard. While nearing the Changi Control Tower in the direction of Terminal 1, you are advised to keep right, follow the ‘T1 Arrival Pick-up' sign before taking the down ramp leading into Basement 1.

Here is a map furnished by Changi Airport Group that you may want to refer to:

Image source: Changi Airport Group

For passengers arriving at Terminal 1, there will be signs to help you find your way to the terminal's new arrival pick-up facility when you get to Terminal 1's Arrival Hall. Depending on your preference, you can reach the new arrival pick-up facility using the elevator or travellator.

Even if you are getting home on your own via a cab, you will have to go to Terminal 1's Basement 1 as the Terminal 1 taxi stand was shifted there back in December 2017. Currently, there are 21 bays at the Terminal 1 taxi stand. This will be expanded to 40 when Jewel at Changi opens its doors next year.

Those who drive will be happy to know that the new Terminal 1/Jewel carpark will be ready later this year in Q4 2018. There will be 5 levels underground, boasting around 2,500 parking lots. The new coach stand will be ready by then, too. The entire Terminal 1 expansion project will be completed in 2019.

According to Changi Airport Group, Jewel at Changi is on track to open in 2019. Visitors at Terminal 1 can get to Jewel easily Jewel is seamlessly connected to Terminal 1's Arrival Hall. Those at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 can get to Jewel via the linked pedestrian bridges in time to come.