Have you ever been in a situation in which you were charged for a late payment on your credit card bill because you were overseas?

Just 5 minutes taken to pay your credit card bill online could have saved you from paying a $50 'fine', but we can't help it when memory fails or when other priorities pop up.

The best way to prevent you from missing a credit card payment is to find a way to automate your bill payment every month so that you do not need to worry unnecessarily about missing it out again!

We at GET.com will share with you some easy payment methods:

  1. 1. Interbank GIRO

    Most Singaporeans should be familiar with using GIRO to pay recurring bills.

    In case you are not familiar with it, here is a short explanation in a nutshell: Interbank GIRO is a service of transferring funds and payments to other banks.

    You can transfer your money, perform payments or loan repayments using this method.

    While most people use GIRO to settle their monthly utility bills, why not do the same for your credit card?

    I personally use GIRO to pay for all my credit card bills because that way, you can never miss any payments!

    The only hassle is a one-time task of filling in the Interbank GIRO form. You can find the form available for download on most banks' websites.

  2. 2. Bill Payment Online

    If you have an online banking account, you can always log into your account online to perform a bill payment monthly.

    If you already perform this task once a month for your other bills, you may want to consolidate it together with your credit card bills.

    We all know that if we do not pay for our utility bills, there is always the risk that our water and electricity supply could be cut off.

    We don't see why you should not treat paying your credit card bill with the same urgency!

    Late payments not only incur late payment charges, you are also charged interest on your spending, and it affects your credit score as well!

  3. 3. Cheque

    If you are paying by cheque, simply tear off the payment advice at the bottom of your card statement and return it in the envelope enclosed with your monthly statement.

    This was the old-school way of paying for your credit card bills, but we discourage this, as lost mails and forgetting to open your mailbox will leave you with another late payment.

    Plus, receiving paper bills is not environmentally friendly, so we strongly advise taking your transactions online!

  4. 4. Mobile Payment

    With the advancement of technology and users moving from online banking to mobile banking, most financial institutions have introduced mobile apps where you can perform simple transactions.

    Crunched for time? Settle your bills while on the MRT! Simply download your bank's app and make sure you have your security token with you (or SMS login).

    Some banks are also offering SMS alerts to customers to remind you when it's time to pay your credit card bills.

    Take Citibank for example, its Citibank SMS Pay service allows you to pay your credit card bills easily each month after you set up a one-time application.

Another tip from us: you can also consolidate your monthly bills for your telcos, insurance premiums and utility bills under one cashback credit card so that you can clear them with just one easy payment.

That way, you earn rebates as you pay, as well as consolidate all bills under one account for easy review.

If you do this, set a reminder to pay your credit card bill (and we recommend using GIRO), because forgetting it means not paying all other bills!