Travellers from Singapore Changi Airport will no longer be subject to security checks during transit at European Union (EEA) airports. Thanks to the European Commission's One-Stop Security arrangement with Singapore, passengers on flights originating from Singapore Changi Airport as well as their checked luggage and hand-carry items will not be screened a second time when boarding a connecting flight in the European Union (EEA) airports.

Travellers from Singapore Changi Airport can look forward to a more seamless and less stressful travel experience altogether when getting to far flung destinations in Europe - always a good thing since travel can be quite stressful at times. Not only will passengers get to enjoy an easier, hassle-free process at the airport, the time saved is a huge plus that will make one's travel experience that much more pleasant.

The mutual recognition of security screening rules at airports between the EU and Singapore is a milestone for Singapore given that Singapore is the first Asian nation to have such an arrangement with Europe.

This tie-up comes as Singapore and the European Commission work together to strengthen international cooperation in a bid to boost civil aviation security while making procedures simpler for passengers, as well as airlines and airports. The One-Stop Security arrangement will actively help in avoiding duplication of procedures in addition to helping airport operators and airlines cut costs and enhance efficiencies.

The deal between Singapore and the EU was signed by the European Commission's director-general for mobility and transport Henrik Hololei and the Transport Ministry's permanent secretary Loh Ngai Seng at the Singapore Airshow 2018.

Other countries that currently enjoy this partnership with the European Union include the US, Canada, Montenegro, Faroe Islands (Vagar airport), Greenland (Kangerlussuaq airport), Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man. Other airports - including Frankfurt and London airports - will be added to the One-Stop Security scheme progressively. In addition, talks with Israel and Serbia are ongoing.