UOB YOLO Credit Card and FRANK Credit Card are the two hottest credit cards in Singapore right now that cater to those who live to eat, shop and play. Creating the credit card young people here dream about is no easy task. We are tech-smart, money savvy and want the best of all worlds.

Because these two credit cards are both aimed at the same crowd and come with cool benefits, we at GET.com couldn't help but pit these two rival cards against each other and see which one will emerge the winner.

First up is FRANK Credit Card, the card that claims to be our close friend. This credit card is part of OCBC's larger FRANK suite of services, and we think OCBC has done a pretty good job at making banking a lot less boring.

Then there's the new kid in town, UOB YOLO Credit Card. If FRANK is your friend for great things, this card is more of a suave but mischievous playmate, encouraging us to enjoy ourselves because we only live once.

Showdown Begins: FRANK Card vs YOLO Card

FRANK Credit Card

UOB YOLO Credit Card

1. Looks

FRANK Credit Card definitely wins the personalization round. With 120 images to choose from, finding the card art that reflects your passions or personality is almost inevitable.

UOB YOLO Credit Card has a look that will appeal to a different kind of card user. It's clean, sophisticated and original, but it's really more of a James Bond type, while FRANK is a total chameleon, kind of like Katy Perry, Gangnam Style and all your favourite superheroes rolled into one.

That's a good start for FRANK Credit Card, but while card art may be a credit card's most obvious trait, it certainly isn't the most important.

2. Cashback

Now here is a benefit you will want to pay close attention to. FRANK Credit Card delivers a powerful kick with 6% cashback for online shopping, 5% cashback for entertainment on Friday through Sunday, 3% cashback on entertainment the rest of the week and 3% cashback on the first 2 NETS FlashPay ATUs you charge to it every month. You earn 0.3% rebate on everything else. You can earn up to $60 cashback every month.

The online shopping category includes just about any purchase you make from an online store, no matter what they sell. So you can earn 6% cashback when you pay for travel bookings from travel websites, buy clothes on Alibaba or even when you steal some deals at Groupon, just to name a few. There are some types of spending that won't earn you cashback, for example insurance payments and charges for government services, schools, utility bills, membership fees, and a few others.

The entertainment category includes cinemas, bars, clubs, KTVs and select cafes (The Connoisseur Concerto, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dimbulah Coffee, Costa Coffee and Coffee Club).

If you spend more money on online shopping than you do on going out, then this is the more rewarding card to use (6% cashback for online shopping).

UOB YOLO Credit Card can definitely hold its own in the cashback arena. When you use this card to pay, you earn 8% cashback on weekend dining and entertainment, both locally and overseas. You earn 3% cashback on weekday dining and entertainment, online fashion, online travel, and payments you charge to this card through the UOB Mighty mobile wallet (you can use this at any Visa payWave terminal. Other spending gets you 0.3% cashback. You can earn up to $60 cashback every month.

The entertainment category includes bars, taverns, cinemas in Singapore, ticketing servicing providers, lounges and nightclubs. The dining category includes restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, and other dining establishments. Bakeries and caterers don't qualify.

If you spend more on going out than you spend on online shopping, then this is the more rewarding card to use (8% cashback on weekend dining and entertainment, and 3% cashback on dining and entertainment on weekdays).

3. Deals

FRANK Credit Card seems to hang with a sensible crowd. The deals you get with FRANK Credit Card range from restaurant discounts, to deals on travel, concerts, and leisure activities. The deals are nice, and the locations are good, but there aren't a whole lot of them.

UOB YOLO Credit Card lives up to its name where deals are concerned. A quick look at the list of entertainment deals you get at many of Singapore's hottest nightlife hangouts makes it clear that this card is well-connected and all about fun. With plenty more deals on dining, travel, shopping and a long list of 1-for-1 deals (we love those), YOLO is the undisputed winner of the deals round.

4. What's The Catch?

FRANK Credit Card, like every credit card, comes with its fine print. You need to charge a minimum of $400 to your card in order to earn the cashback, and that $400 minimum spend cannot include spending on online stuff and NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up spend.

UOB YOLO Credit Card might be generous with cashback, but be prepared for a few terms and conditions. In order to earn the high 8% and 3% cashback, you will have to charge $600 to your card every month. However, this $600 minimum spend includes spending in the categories (FRANK Credit Card does not count online and NETS FlashPay ATUs towards the $400 minimum spend).

5. The Cost

FRANK Credit Card has an $80 annual fee (waived for 2 years) and a 25.92% interest per annum. You can apply if you earn $30,000 or more annually ($45k per year if you aren't Singaporean or PR).

UOB YOLO Credit Card might be suave, but class comes at a price. With a $192.60 annual fee (waived 1 year), this card costs a lot more than FRANK Credit Card. The 25% interest per annum is similar to what you get with FRANK, as are the income requirements ($30k per annum or $10k fixed deposit collateral for Singaporeans, $40k per year or $10k fixed deposit collateral for non-Singaporeans).

GET.com's Verdict:

Both cards have their own characteristic appeal, and it's difficult to put a price on that.

But looking at the cold, hard numbers, it's fair to say that FRANK Credit Card is the better value-for-money card for most young Singaporeans.

Yes, we all love to eat and hit the town, but most of us probably spend more on online shopping, considering that everything from online travel bookings to online food orders are eligible for that 6% cashback for online shopping.

FRANK Credit Card will probably save you more because it has a low annual fee.

Credit CardFeaturesIntro Interest p.a.Standard Interest p.a.Annual FeeMinimum IncomeWe least likeRelated links
FRANK Credit Card

FRANK Credit Card

  • Enjoy 6% online shopping rebate and up to 5% entertainment rebate when you spend at least $400 on offline transactions in a calendar month.
Interest-free period 23 calendar days from statement date if there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement.25.92% per annum$80 a year (Free for first 2 years)Singaporeans & Singapore PRs $30,000 p.a. Foreigners $45,000 p.a.
We least like
  • A minimum spend of S$400 on offline transactions posted in a calendar month on the FRANK Credit Card is required to qualify for additional cash rebate on online purchases, entertainment and NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups (ATU). This S$400 excludes online transactions and NETS FlashPay ATU.

If your life is more about people, partying, socializing, eating, drinking and creating good times, UOB YOLO Credit Card has a lot more 'fun' potential, in our opinion. Plus, you do get cashback and deals when you shop online as well. If you are a big dining and entertainment spender, the extra cashback you earn can make up for the higher annual fee (and more).

UOB YOLO Credit Card will probably get you more good times, but at a higher price.

Credit CardFeaturesIntro Interest p.a.Standard Interest p.a.Annual FeeMinimum IncomeWe least likeRelated links
UOB YOLO Credit Card

UOB YOLO Credit Card

  • 8% rebate on weekend Dining & Entertainment (local & overseas).
  • 3% cashback on weekday dining, entertainment, online fashion and online travel.
25% per annum$192.60 (waived first year)S$30,000 (Singaporeans & PRs), S$40,000 (Foreigners)
We least like
  • To earn your additional cash rebate (the full 8% and 3%), a minimum spend of S$600 per statement month is required.
  • Total rebate is capped at S$60 per month.