HighlightsCredit Card Feature
Things We LikeUnlimited airport lounge access
Our Least FavouriteHigh annual fee and high minimum income requirement
Our VerdictPrestigious credit card with high rewards-earning rate that delivers a lot of perks and privileges

Citi Prestige Card is an exclusive lifestyle credit card issued by Citibank which competes directly with the likes of The American Express® Platinum Card. As well as offering you rewards at a very decent rate, this card gives you unlimited complimentary airport lounge access, money-saving hotel perks and a dedicated concierge service, among other perks.

It's fair to say that using a card that delivers classy privileges and real saving potential will appeal to most people in Singapore, but who can get it?

We at GET.com have decided to peek behind the prestige and find out what Citi Prestige Card really gives you, and how it holds up to competition.

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Citi Prestige Card

Citi Prestige Card

APPLY NOWAt Citibank's secure website
  • Receive a Welcome Gift of 62,500 Citi Dollars (25,000 Miles) when you apply for a Citi Prestige Card and upon payment of the annual fee.
  • Unlimited Airport Lounge Access.
  • Global Concierge.
  • Earn 5 Citi Dollars (=2 Miles) for every S$1 spent overseas, and 3.25 Citi Dollars (=1.3 Miles) for every S$1 spent locally.
APPLY NOWAt Citibank's secure website
Transfer your outstanding balances on any other bank's credit card or credit line to Citibank at 0% nominal interest rate for 3/6/12 months with upfront service fee from 1.58%. Eligible for new Citibank customers who apply for Citibank Ready Credit account with minimum $500 loan.26% per annum$535$120,000 p.a.
We least like
  • Basic Card annual fee: $535 (inclusive of GST).

Things We Like About Citi Prestige Card

You get complimentary, unlimited airport lounge access. Frequent travelers will appreciate this outstanding benefit. You enjoy complimentary access to hundreds of VIP airport lounges in cities around the world through Priority Pass membership. You can enroll in Priority Pass on a complimentary basis as a Citi Prestige Card card member. When you visit an eligible lounge, just present your membership card to get access without paying an entry fee.

You get every 4th hotel night free. If you stay in hotels for extended periods, this perk can save you a lot of money. When you book a hotel stay of 4 consecutive nights or more through the Citi Prestige Travel Advisor service, you don't pay for the 4th night. A few things to know: You can only get 1 free 4th night per stay, so spending 12 days at a hotel won't get you 3 free nights, unfortunately. You will get reimbursed for the 4th night stay with a statement credit.

The 5 Citi Dollars you earn for every $1 spent overseas. When you use this card to make purchases overseas, you earn 5 Citi Dollars (equal to 2 Citi Miles) for every $1 spent. That's just one of many good reasons to take this card with you when you travel.

Earn 3.25 Citi Dollars for every $1 spent locally. The high rate of 3.25 Citi Dollars (equal to 1.3 Citi Miles) for every $1 you spend locally. Using this card is a great way to earn rewards on your everyday spending.

Flexible Citi Dollars redemption. Your Citi Dollars can be redeemed for a cash rebate, at selected merchants in Singapore and abroad and for miles. Citi Dollars can be redeemed at the rate of 5 Citi Dollars = 2 miles. Terms and conditions apply.

It has a 62,500 Citi Dollar annual renewal bonus. You get 62,500 Citi Dollars (equivalent to 25,000 miles) every card anniversary as an annual renewal bonus. How's that for a rewarding way to start the year.

You get an annual Relationship Bonus. Receive an annual Relationship Bonus based on your relationship with Citibank. The Relationship Bonus rate is applied on your annual retail card spend and awarded in Citi Dollars. The bonus rates differ depending on how long you've been with Citibank: 0 to 5 years is 5% (15% if you are a Citigold client), 6 to 10 years is 10% (20% if you are a Citigold client) and over 10 years is 15% (30% if you are a Citigold client).

Club 21 shopping privileges. Club 21 fans will love this feature! Cardholders earn 10 Citi Dollars for every dollar spent at participating Club 21 boutiques, rewarding you for shopping at one of your favourite stores.

Airport limousine transfers. Enjoy complimentary one-way airport limousine transfers four times a year (with minimum spend). Choose to travel in comfort to or from Changi International Airport, compliments of Citi Prestige when purchasing your air tickets or hotel bookings with this card. Terms and conditions apply.

Golf privileges. This card has a number of wonderful golf privileges including up to three complimentary games per course (per year) at some of the best courses across Asia. Cardholders are also invited to enjoy complimentary green fees at over 2,400 public and private golf courses in Mexico, USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

Gourmet Pleasures. Treat yourself to some of the most delicious cuisine islandwide with the Citi Gourmet Pleasures programme. It features an extensive selection of exclusive offers and seasonal deals to make sure that wherever your mood (or stomach) takes you, you'll get the best price!

5% Citi Globeshopper rebate. Take advantage of 5% cash back on online shipping charges from Citi Globeshopper.

Up to 10% Citi Rebate. Earn up to a 10% Citi Rebate at over 300 locations, including Starbucks, Subway, Sheng Siong supermarkets and more.

Complimentary travel insurance. You benefit from an extensive personal protection insurance plan while traveling when you make your full travel booking using your Citi Prestige Card. This includes the following coverage:

  • Accidental death or permanent disability coverage: Up to $1,000,000 coverage for the principal cardholder and up to $50,000 for an accompanying dependent child.
  • Overseas medical and dental expense coverage. If a medical or dental emergency occurs while you are travelling overseas, this coverage might compensate for your expenses. You can get up to $50,000 worth of medical or dental expenses covered. Just note that if your medical or dental emergency was caused by a pre-existing condition, you might not get this benefit.
  • Emergency medical evacuation. You might receive up to $100,000 in benefits to cover transport to proper medical facilities while you are travelling.
  • Repatriation coverage. If you have to be brought home to Singapore due to a medical emergency, you can get up to $50,000 of the costs reimbursed.
  • Baggage loss and delay. If you luggage is lost or delayed, you may be reimbursed for purchases of necessities like clothing and toiletries to compensate for what was lost or delayed. You have to pay for these purchases using your card to claim the benefit.
  • Flight delays. If your flight is delayed, resulting in your having to spend money on food and refreshments, during your wait, you may be able to get up to $400 of these unexpected costs covered.

You get a maximum $100 liability on unauthorized charges. You will only be liable for a maximum of $100 if your card is used without your consent, no matter how much has been spent.

Emergency card replacement. Losing your card is stressful enough without having to arrange its replacement. If you lose your card Citi will replace it usually within 48 hours worldwide. Emergency funds (subject to your credit limit) can be provided in the meantime.

Global concierge. If you need help with everyday tasks like looking up information online, calling to arrange reservations this service can be a real time-saver. You can also get advice, help and information while travelling. The global concierge connects you to a team of experts who are ready to assist you 24/7 anywhere in the world.

You can benefit from a 0% interest rate on balance transfers for 3 or 6 months when you transfer a balance from another bank's credit card or credit line to Citibank. Keep in mind that there is an upfront service fee starting at 1.58%. Eligible for new Citibank customers who apply for Citibank Ready Credit account with minimum $500 loan.

Our Least Favourite Things About Citi Prestige Card

The high annual fee. You pay a substantial $535 annual fee to use this card. But supplementary cards are free, and if you already budget for things like airport lounges, 4th hotel nights and golf, the privileges you get may say you much more than what you pay for this card.

The $120,000 minimum annual income requirement. This is a fantastic card, but it sure isn't made for the guy on the street. The minimum annual income of $120,000 makes this a pretty exclusive credit card option.

How Other Cards Compare With Citi Prestige Card

APPLY NOWAt Citibank's secure website
Receive a Welcome Gift of 62,500 Citi Dollars (25,000 Miles) when you apply for a Citi Prestige Card and upon payment of the annual fee.
Intro APR:Transfer your outstanding balances on any other bank's credit card or credit line to Citibank at 0% nominal interest rate for 3/6/12 months with upfront service fee from 1.58%. Eligible for new Citibank customers who apply for Citibank Ready Credit account with minimum $500 loan.
Regular APR:26% per annum
Annual Fee:$535
EXTRA from Membership Rewards Earn a total of 20 Membership Rewards points* for every S$1.60 spent, up to a maximum spend of S$16,000. For all spend in excess of S$16,000, you continue to enjoy a total of 10 Membership Rewards points for every S$1.60 charged to your Card.
Intro APR:Not Applicable
Regular APR:Not Applicable
Annual Fee:N/A

There are a lot of credit cards in Singapore which are marketed as "exclusive", but Citi Prestige Card is one of the few which really delivers useful perks and money-saving privileges. In our opinion, this card will work best for you if you have a very healthy bank balance (at least $120k income per annum) and travel several times every year, or more. If you do, the travel benefits, bonus points and the annual renewal bonus can make up for the cost of the card many times over. This is the only card of its kind in Singapore which is open to public application. Even exclusive cards that are only available by invitation or for those with special banking relationships don't get much better than this prestigious (yet practical) credit card from Citi.