HighlightsCredit Card Feature
Things We LikeEarn 6% rebate on your online purchases
Our Least FavouriteMinimum monthly spending requirement of $400 (excluding online transactions and NETS FlashPay ATU) to earn higher cashback
Our VerdictExcellent card if you frequently shop online

If you've had a look at the card images I included here, you've probably noticed that FRANK Credit Card comes with a broad range of card designs. Part of the appeal of this credit card is that you can choose from 120 different designs to find the one that really suits your character. Sure, that feature is more fun than practical, but the looks you get when using your card are absolutely priceless.

The good news is that the customized designs (as fun as they are) are definitely not this card's best feature. Hidden behind that colourful card art is a powerful credit card that gives you top cashback for online shopping and a lot of unique privileges. It can also be used as a transport card and could help you save money on your monthly transport costs!

If you are ready to look past the colourful facade to find out what FRANK Credit Card could do for you, you can join me in exploring the inner workings of this OCBC card.

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FRANK Credit Card

FRANK Credit Card

  • Enjoy 6% online shopping rebate and up to 5% entertainment rebate when you spend at least $400 on offline transactions in a calendar month.
Interest-free period 23 calendar days from statement date if there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement.25.92% per annum$80 a year (Free for first 2 years)Singaporeans & Singapore PRs $30,000 p.a. Foreigners $45,000 p.a.
We least like
  • A minimum spend of S$400 on offline transactions posted in a calendar month on the FRANK Credit Card is required to qualify for additional cash rebate on online purchases, entertainment and NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups (ATU). This S$400 excludes online transactions and NETS FlashPay ATU.

Things We Like About FRANK Credit Card

You earn 6% rebate on your online purchases. You can earn 6% rebate on online spending in any of the following categories:

  • Fashion
  • Gadgets
  • Fast food
  • Groceries
  • Hotel
  • Flights
  • Movies
  • Departmental stores

Remember that some of the transactions don't qualify as online shopping though they are made online, such as payments to government institutions, financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, and schools. You also won't earn this cashback when you use this card to pay utility bills online or make internet banking transactions. There are a few other exceptions as well.

You earn 5% cashback on weekend entertainment. On Friday Saturday and Sunday you earn 5% cashback on purchases from cinemas, clubs, bars and KTVs, as well as select cafes.

3% on weekday entertainment. This is a nice plus for anyone who works on the weekend, enjoys cafe breaks, or just likes to spread the fun throughout the week. From Monday to Thursday you will earn 3% cashback at selected cafes and at cinemas, clubs, KTVs and bars.

Earn 3% cashback for NETS FlashPay auto top-ups. You earn 3% cashback on the first 2 NETS FlashPay auto top-ups you make each month. Top-ups are in $50 increments, so you can save $3 a month on transportation automatically just by using this card.

You can personalise your card. The card comes with 120 designs and you can choose anyone you like when you apply. If you apply for the card online, you'll get 5 additional designs to choose from! I personally find it quite cool to have a card that's one of a kind and shows my personality. When I browsed through the library, a few designs caught my eyes. I particularly like the "Freeze Frame", an image of gleaming water drops on a blue background. Of course, you don't have to follow my suggestion. I'm sure you'll find a design that you like the most which sets you apart from other credit card users!

Earn 0.3% cashback on other spending. You will also earn 0.3% cashback on your spending in retail transactions. And if you have earned the maximum of $60 cashback on the $500 you spend on online shopping, you will still earn 0.3% cashback on the amount that exceeds $500. So there's always cashback for you to earn.

Use it as a transport card. This card is automatically registered for NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up facility, which means you can use it as a transport card. This is how it works: When you tap your card on MRT/LRT, public buses, ERP or parks that accept CEPAS-compliant cards, the NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up will be activated and $50 will be charged to your FRANK Credit Card. There's a top-up fee of $0.25 for each auto top-up. This feature only works when you tap your card on MRT/LRT, public buses, ERP or parks that accept CEPAS-compliant cards.

This is a useful feature because you don't have to join the queue to top up your EZ-Link card. And when your $50 value runs out, it will automatically top up the next time you tap on MRT or buses. What's even better is that you will also get 6% rebate on your first 2 auto top-ups every month, which means you could save $6 (6% rebate on $100 worth of top ups) on transport costs a month! So why not use it?

If you don't feel like using this feature at all, you can deactivate it at any iNETS Kiosk. If you have remaining stored value on your card, you can get a refund at iNETS Kiosks or ATMs. The refund will be credited directly to your bank account or you can ask for a cash refund at a TransitLink Ticket Office.

If you have an OCBC bank account, you can also link the account to this card and use it as an ATM card. This is a unique feature too, because only debit cards work this way while other credit cards charge you interest on any cash you draw at ATMs.

Get privileges as a FRANK customer. Whether you are someone who likes dining out or someone who enjoys travel, you will get privileges catered to your needs. Enjoy discounts at Pan Pacific Singapore - Poolside, Suki-Ya, Joie Restaurant, Boston Seafood Shack, Caltex (14% savings) and many others. These privileges come with individual terms and conditions, but they are all tailored for you as a FRANK customer.

Pay faster with Visa payWave. It's not a widely used feature yet, but Visa payWave is a convenient way to make payment. You don't need to sign on the bill, just tap it on a secure reader and that's it! More and more merchants in Singapore have accepted this mode of payment, including Starbucks, Subway, and Watsons.

Only $30,000 minimum annual income required. As long as you make $30,000 or more each year, you are eligible to apply for this card.

Annual fee waiver. This card has a $80 annual fee (waived for 2 years). That is lower than what you pay for many other credit cards - not to mention you don't have to pay for it as long as you meet the spending requirement.

Our Least Favourite Things About FRANK Credit Card

You have to meet a minimum monthly spending amount to earn 6% cashback. There's a minimum monthly spending requirement of $400 in order to earn the higher cashback on online purchases, entertainment and NETS top-ups, and that $400 minimum spend doesn't include online purchases and NETS auto top-ups. So you will have to spend at least $400 on other purchases besides online shopping and NETS FlashPay in order to earn the extra cashback each month. Cashback you can earn is capped at $60 per month, which is a pretty decent amount ($720 per year).

How Other Cards Compare With FRANK Credit Card

Enjoy 6% online shopping rebate and up to 5% entertainment rebate when you spend at least $400 on offline transactions in a calendar month.
Intro APR:Interest-free period 23 calendar days from statement date if there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement.
Regular APR:25.92% per annum
Annual Fee:$80 a year (Free for first 2 years)
Up to 23% fuel savings at Caltex petrol stations.
Intro APR:Transfer your outstanding balances on any other bank's credit card or credit line to OCBC at 0% nominal interest rate for 3/6/12 months with upfront processing fee starting at 1.80%
Regular APR:26.88% per annum
Annual Fee:$192.60 a year (First 2 years free)

FRANK Credit Card is one of the best cashback credit cards to use for online shopping and weekend entertainment. The monthly spending required to earn cashback is very low compared to what many other cards demand.

If you do a lot of your shopping online, FRANK Credit Card is one of the most rewarding cashback cards you can get for online shopping. The NETS FlashPay auto top-up is another nice perk that can save you hassles if you use public transport. It also lets you save up to 3% on your transport costs every month. You will have to spend at least $400 a month on non-online purchases using your credit card, and NETS FlashPay auto top-ups also won't count towards the $400 minimum spend. But considering the good cashback you earn at leisure locations and the 0.3% you earn on all spending, that minimum spend should be easy to reach. The unique discounts and privileges you get are another big plus.

All things considered, FRANK Credit Card is one of our top choices of credit cards for online shopping.