HighlightsCredit Card Feature
Things We LikeEarn 2% cash rebate on local and overseas spend
Our Least FavouriteMonthly cap on cash rebates
Our VerdictGood card if you travel to China a lot

UOB UnionPay Platinum Card is a credit card that lets you earn 2% cash rebate on all overseas spend (no minimum spend required). You will also earn 2% cash rebate on your local spending. If you travel to China regularly, this card can give you much wider acceptance there compared to Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

In this review, we'll help you find out whether UOB UnionPay Platinum Card is just a good credit card for your trips to China, or if it could also work well for your local spending and overall travel spending overseas.

Credit CardFeaturesIntro Interest p.a.Standard Interest p.a.Annual FeeMinimum IncomeWe least likeRelated links
UOB UnionPay Platinum Card

UOB UnionPay Platinum Card

  • 2% cash rebate on all local and overseas spend, no minimum spend required.
  • Enjoy global offers for shopping, dining, travel and entertainment, including duty free offers at over 100 international airports around the world.
25% p.a.$192.60 waived 3 yearsS$30,000 p.a. (Singapore citizen/PR), S$40,000 p.a. (Foreigners)
We least like
  • Total cash rebate is capped at S$50 each calendar month.

Things We Like About UOB UnionPay Platinum Card

Earn 2% cash rebate on all overseas and local spending. When you travel overseas you will earn 2% cash rebate on all your spending, with no minimum spend required. You will earn the same 2% cash rebate on your local spending. Keep in mind that your total cash rebate is capped at S$50 per calendar month.

Get wider acceptance in China. While Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted in Singapore and other countries, UnionPay is the dominant payment platform in China. So UOB UnionPay Platinum Card can give you an edge if you travel to China often. It's also very useful if you are a Chinese expat in Singapore. This card gives you the same wide acceptance you would get with a Chinese credit card when you travel back to your home country, but you can conveniently pay back your credit card bills in Singapore dollars.

Use this UnionPay card at over 41 million merchants and more than 2 million ATMs around the world. Unless you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or a few other major Chinese cities, UnionPay is the only payment platform accepted at Chinese merchants. Even merchants that do accept other credit cards might charge you an additional transaction fee (I've experienced this first hand). UnionPay is also widely accepted in most countries around the world, though it isn't yet as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard.

Enjoy dining and shopping privileges worldwide. You will get dining and shopping privileges at over 2000 outlets worldwide, including outlets at popular travel destinations like South Korea, France, Thailand and Hong Kong. You can use the GETdeals™ app to stay up to date with UOB offers.

Fill up and save up to 21.6% at SPC with UOB Fuel Power. Now you can enjoy up to 21.6% off your petrol purchases at SPC with your UOB and SPC&U Cards.

Get up to 10% off at over 100 International Airport Duty Free Shops. With this card you can get up to 10% off at International Airport Duty Free shops in countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, USA and more.

Annual fee waiver. This card has a $192.60 annual fee, waived the first 3 years. And your first supplementary card is free for as long as you are a card member.

Enjoy easy payment using UnionPay QuickPass. When shopping at your favorite stores and food and beverages outlets, look out for QuickPass Pay logo, then just tap and pay with your UOB UnionPay Platinum Card. It's as easy as that! This feature is available for purchases of S$100 and below.

Minimum annual income required is only $30,000. As long as you make $30,000 or more a year, you can apply for this card. Chinese expats might be happy to know that if you make $40,000 a year or more, you are also eligible to apply for the card. That requirement is lower compared to those set by many other credit cards in Singapore, which usually require a minimum annual income of $60,000 for foreigners.

Our Least Favorite Things About The UOB UnionPay Platinum Card

S$50 cap on cash rebates per calendar month. Your monthly cash rebate earnings are limited to S$50 per month.

UOB UnionPay Platinum Card is good card to use if you travel to China a lot, and it gives you some nice perks in Singapore as well. You get to earn 2% cash rebate on your overseas and local spending, and enjoy the wide acceptance and the host of benefits that UnionPay offers you in China. Even in Singapore, UnionPay isn't yet as widely accepted as other networks (though acceptance is on the rise). You get some other dining and shopping privileges worldwide, but this card doesn't give you as many benefits as other travel credit cards. If you live in Singapore and want a UnionPay card, this is a good choice because you can enjoy UOB privileges in Singapore and the UnionPay advantage when visiting China.